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A Walk In Time

The landscape is that of sand and a woman appears

Welcome sister, she says.

I reach down to pick up a ring that appears upon my feet, gold silver, and platinum, there are markings inscribed that appear and disappear again as I place it on my finger.

The wind blows ever so slightly and the silk fabric billows around my neck and eyes. There is a temple ahead white marbled stone steps to the doors.

I approach

Clearing smoke and oil to anoint await my arrival

The temple walls vibrate as if they are alive, I realize I am deep within my own heart, and the darkness has come to surround me. I can hear the songs calling me to carry on.

Mysteries arise as the darkness deepens, I cannot see but can feel the depths of the waters.

I am in a handcrafted canoe it seems to move on its own, I imagine a being slowly guiding me through water, and caves tunnels, we reach the other side and the sun shines so brightly.

The smell of sweet jasmine lightly fills the air.

Memories of divine love fill my cells as my heart beats upon this shore. Sweet gentle laughter, oh how the heart beats warming my skin!

I could stay here and gaze upon the sun(s).

Memories wash over my entirety overwhelming waves of love.

I am in all white….

I know I must return soon

I chose you

My body is re-consecrated

Taken now to fields of flowers, a single bumble bee appears. I can see it upon my glistening skin. The sweet fragrance of honeysuckle emanates from my skin.

The path is not dark as I return, and the deep waters are shallow as I walk atop them. Perhaps this is where the land meets the sky

I am at the beginning of my journey as the blessings are received and rejoiced. Honorific majesty becomes.

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