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Going hand in hand with the all important way-showers on my journey.

Updated: May 2

Apart from the dearest of friends in my life - who are my mirrors, my the-teacher-is-also-the-pupil and the-pupil-is-also-the-teacher dance partners - the most important influencing is from the spiritual truthers, the wayshowers whom I rely on to safely go forward on my healing journey.

The wonderful (full of wonder) realisation about the importance of these healers and way-showers, is that each one of them who remains in my life isn’t just a professional who assists.  By this I mean to say, if they are not exactly extended family, they certainly to my feeling become dear friends to be cherished.  I happily share personal things, as an exchange on equal terms.   It is that feeling of alignment, of resonating, going forward at a similar pace and knowing that we each have our talents, knowledge, and insights and can inspire each other and ourselves through mutual exchanges.  Being different individuated souls yet connected as one.  Like a spiders web, an intricate network of likeminded truth searching as well as truth altering souls.  Along my journey, every encounter brings a piece of the puzzle to my patchwork.

The epiphany and shift from the idea of “following” naively putting myself in hands of x y or z, to being a creative part of seeking/altering truth, is for me the right way to belong to a movement or group.   Being part of Chastity’s community has been a very important stepping stone in that shift.

What is it I love and so, appreciate about Chastity and being part of her tribe ?  

Chastity grabbed my attention the moment I watched her in an interview with 3 other ES members on the ES public website. From the 4 ladies, Chastity was the person who resonated most and had a certain radiance the others didn’t quite have as clearly.  As a result I immediately signed up to her Patreon.

Until that time I  “passed through” a number of other groups of the ascension movement, by manner of following one or two workshops or courses or a private reading or session.  Eventhough finding Inelia Benz was at the time an important stepping stone - signing up to her website newsletter and buying a number of her books which served me well along the way - I never became an active member of her movement.  Until Chastity I didn’t feel the need to belong to a tribe. 

Sabine found my reluctance “to belong” a bit puzzling and probingly tried several times to change my mind on this.  It did plant a seed I guess, it was just a matter of finding the right one.

Before that, I was happy to work with higher consciousness as well as on an individual basis with Tamara and the few communications I had with the family members that passed over.  I didn’t like the idea of following“a leader” or the way most New Age or Spiritual movements are set up.  It always feels like an institutionalised organisation the way religions are, systemised and limiting.

With Chastity it is different, she is a way-shower and advocates freely we are all seekers and that the togetherness makes us all stronger, supporting each other with our individual qualities and knowledge.

Chastity has her ways of finding new building blocks for her unique architecture, the master builder as she professes herself.  Her openness to the new and different is inspirational, her capacity to attract likeminded people who bring new influences to our thinking is very admirable to me.  Her openness about her great and not so great qualities invites to take her as she is.  I learn from that too.  Chastity provides the kind of guiding force that encourages others to find the best in themselves, to learn discernment, and think for themselves what resonates and what doesn’t.

Open minded as Chastity is, she welcomes new information that teaches us all, coming from other sources with different expertise. This is something I have rarely come across in all the groups I touched on and moved beyond. With exception of Lisa Renee and ES - which is considered an ascension movement of authority across the board - not many way-showers are as tolerant as in this group, sharing information from other parallel activities and personalities. To me this is always a sign of strength, of self assurance and confidence.  Like the perpetual energy of an open system that advances and grows all the time.

Chastity brought a number of people to my attention, of which some have remained very much on my radar.  One example is Colin Joe Byrne.  Due to Chastity I became a member of his Patreon for about a year.  This didn’t continue, yet I do read his FB posts very regularly and find them very supportive, bringing clarity, or revealing what we might already know from elsewhere yet put susinctly, using the right wording in a way others didn’t quite manage and therefore to me valuable.

Another person I came across via Chastity and her enthusiasm was Ermond.  I had my Universal Stream drawn up by him, had a number of really good sessions with him and I have the colours of my soul-expression artwork from him.   I learned from Ermond about energetic art and how to actively work with it.

I am grateful for all the good Ermond brought me, eventhough under guidance in a private session I have released all that no longer serves from his work  (Universal Stream, some DA) in order to focus on reverting back to before distortions, while still preserving what resonates (the depiction of the colours of my soul).  In the meantime I have closed that door of communication and exchange as his energy changed, for which later explanations came to me in various ways.  Very naturally, I actually stopped working with Ermond after the spring of 2022,  even before information around him infiltrated in my awareness.  This said, I so wish him the very best on his journey.  We are all individuated expressions of the sacred Living Light Source of The One.🕊

I discovered Chastity right in the middle of my Self-Healing pilgrimage.  My aim as always was and is to step out of the medical system.   In 2020/2021 this was by living with an integrated kidney after transplant without medication. That is a tall order to begin with, once an organ is transplanted the receiver needs to take heavy duty anti-rejection medication for the rest of their lives, if one fails to take them rejection can happen within 24 hours and if not, is expected in the following week or two.  I managed a whole year before failure set in.  There are exceptions to this rule, some manage to live without medication which is 7% of transplanted people.

I found in Chastity a very supportive and sympathetic ear, as well as a wonderful healing session worker. Those first sessions at that time where like another revelation to me.  Until then, my experiences with Tamara were to my mind unique and exceptional, the red line of support and guidance throughout the biggest part of my life as a “chronic self-healer”.  When Tamara and I said our goodbyes around 2012, I was told I was flying solo, in charge of my vessel and of my healing journey.

It was hard to believe I would ever be be-mored with this kind of external support again.

Chastity apart from her healing work, through our sessions was crucial as a sounding board and compassionate witness to the part of my self-healing where I had altered my transplanted kidney in an integrated hyberdised kidney.  I spent about a year preparing myself of which 9 months very intensely, and did a number of etheric surgeries under various Higher Self and spiritual medical team guidances.   For one of these Tamara (=> albeit in a more evolved form) came in to transfer the genetic coding and DNA from my own left kidney to the transplanted one to create a kidney that could be recognised as part of my genetic make-up as a two-in-one organ**.  After that, very little was left of my left kidney, like a shell that atrophied and shrivelled up to almost nothing, which my body is very slowly re-absorbing, something which Chastity witnessed and in her delicacy didn’t dare voice at first.  After I assured her I could take it, she did.

Chastity gave me great encouragement to continue on my healing journey following what and how I was doing.  At the time that was so unbelievably important to me.

In 2021, through Chastity’s shares I discovered  Susan and thus Samantha and the community of Autists.  Susan had posted a vlog on FB that explained the subatomic changes happening with proton/neutrons and electrons.  I remember being in my kitchen organising breakfast and feeling so elated and uplifted I literally started jumping up and down dancing around while listening to Susan.  

Just like with Chastity, I knew instantly I had been introduced to a person who was going to play a very important role in my life with the added aspect this relationship was going to be some kind of collaboration. 

Eventhough I am not an autist, nor do I have anyone in my immediate environment who is, I discovered how crucial the role of beyond verbal autist Starseeds are to the collective ascension process and what incredible work they came here to do.  I have great admiration for Susan and her family, how they manage to be a team throughout.  I have become a great enthousiast of Susan’s/Samantha’s coded artwork.  (If I am not mistaken I was her first singed up member on Patreon).  I equally highly value her private website and public shares on FB.  Like Chastity, Susan has become of immeasurable importance in my Self-healing process, a relationship which is still ongoing.

As members of their community, I happily call way-showers Chastity and Susan my very dear friends with whom I am my truest self as a person.

The shift from doing it all on my own to doing my bit as part of a community of likeminded seekers has brought life altering changes to my understanding of what is means to “be One”. ✨

**(Later I found out in a healing session with a different healer, that the mitochondria of my genetic lineage and the one of the transplanted kidney “didn’t agree” which was what eventually created problems. Interestingly however, in a follow-up session we traced back my lineage and found a very distant family connection with my donor, through both our mothers and did a sort of genetic regression, retracing steps to reconnect that genetic information).

Chastity is definitely in her drivers seat, Cap’tn of her ship!

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Liz you are an expression of immeasurable love. The student/teacher, teacher/student, shares standards and values that have allowed the creation of a lasting relationship. I am honored that we are friends. You are known in your expression of truth and I am grateful to witness you.


You are equally a teacher and become a friend. Love. 💓😊🥰

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