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Holy Father

Written 11/22/2022

The breath becomes shallow and the right side of my body in electrical failure.

I can feel my energy spinning out sideways. The inflammation and nerve pain is present in its glorified anger.

Flashes of the gods, war and poverty move through my spirit. The giants seem ever so present in my field. Stories from childhood race through my mind as I am in my innocence once again trying to determine the good guys from the bad.

The awakened ones are trapped and hitting electrical fences or perhaps these are called frequency fences. We can still see the bindings that once tied them to their slumber.

Dark waters, stormy seas rage across the lands as humanity is but a playground for these beasts.

One is called to the movement and sounds to balance the angry winds and calm the seas.

The awakening of father is different than the embodiment of mother. It makes more sense to me now how the kings were awakened to first clear a path and prepare to anchor in Cosmic Holy Father.

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