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In the Name of Christ

I Am the epicenter of mystery...the force you cannot place the source of, yet are solemnly  bewildered by...the origin of cause unknown to most who do not know the mysterious homeland of the I Am.

I am here in the Name of the Christ.

I am the Father of your forgiveness; I am the template of your Holy architecture. 

I am the Mother of your consecration; I am the bond delivering you to the Life. 

I am breathing you in and out of My Consecration. Breathe with Me. Share My breath. 

Air. Fire. Earth. Water.

I Am the Life in the world and live many lives of embodiment. Worlds upon worlds are forthcoming from My sacred warmth. Layers upon layers are attempting to build from and into Me. I Am and there is a mirror; it is losing significance…

Stand tall in the Trueness of the I Am.

Artist unknown

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Wonder-filled (as usual)!


I am feeling it!

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