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January Monthly Report

This time marks the turning point of the awareness we each hold.

Those who have come to stand are standing and those who have chosen to turn away, have turned away.

The planetary rounds, or histories as we say, are pulled forward into the minds of humanity.

Everywhere we turn, more questions are asked and few are answered. This is a good thing, as enlightenment offers the ability to question. It peaks curiosity and oscillates the cells gentle enough into the RAmembering.

While many systems have not yet failed, they are preparing to go into ruins. Simply put, changes come in a timing that is least expected. This is why it is important to be prepared and not count the days and minutes to the shift.


As we bring our awareness out to the corridors of the stars, we can see the connections with planets, histories and correspondence with DNA.

Some of us have been sent here to build architectural structures. These structures are designed to create ease in the planetary/cosmic shift. One of the newer awarenesses is the expanding back into the 13 zodiacs. This alters the reality and breaks through the pre programmed tagging that was overlayed during one’s inception.

There are many types of structures including architectural types of humanity. These are realities that each live in, or are aware of. The realities create a vibrational match through the DNA. Some may resonate with more realities if a match was made in the lineage of another. So mother and father come from different structures. These create the anomalies of a species and assist to guide us into the life we are “designed” to live. As the cosmic alignments shift, we are able to open trauma timelines that assist with the clearing process of fear and pain, and how we alchemize the planets pain. Some have felt this cosmic rage with no real idea where it comes from. It’s a subtle vibration in the genetic makeup.

To be wrapped up in a series of untruths, is very painful in the human body. This is what ultimately causes the ego eruptions/expressions as one walks around in a false sense of knowing. We call this reality.


Ramember the good times too! It’s not all painful.


Shifting from a dead system to an alive system may cause the body/mind/spirit some distortions or discomforts. The physical pieces are alchemically changing. Some are noticing physical changes already, perhaps eye color, hair color and texture, skin eruptions, physical pain suddenly, dietary changes and cravings, etc.


There have been much discussion upon which many groups have come forward to make themsleves aware to those who can see.

One of these groups is the Hathors. Recently we have been seeing a change in the geometries of our planet. We are moving into a higher oscillating frequency from a hexagon(a cube) to tesseract. These tesseracts are anchor points for new sound waves to move through. This is also as you can imagine connected to the bodies as well. So we can follow the sound to a higher vibratory point. This is a tesseract sound body. For some, there is a triple Ankh that emanates from the field. One in the womb space, one in the heart and one in the area of the pineal. Together these create a vibratory sound that is ra-wiring the cosmic brain and thus overrides the mind heart disconnect so many suffer from.

The Lyrans have also been coming forward and sharing deeper insights about human history and showing us how to clear generational trauma.

Ultimately there are many changes around us, and within us. We just need to see the world in a way we wish it to be.

See you all on Saturday at 10 AM PST or book your private session below.


With Love and Gratitude

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