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Message from the Angels

Tune yourself to the silence of Presence coming forth. Freedom approaches us, igniting our seals. Waves of wakefulness upon us, making room for Beauty to be enthroned. The approach is tender but causes splintering among all. Obedience to the will of the unvirtuous is a finality no one should seek. The Glorious Almighty binds with those who have proclaimed themselves in service to the United Destiny of Magnificent proportions. Heaven awaits.

"Please know that when it looks impossible, when it feels terrible, when it seems improbable and hopeless...this is when we come forth. Humanity must show its face. We need to see their heart. We long to find their soul. Ancient days were born of a great spirit of victory. the Silence knew Her lands and continues to know them to this day. You may not still be there, but your bones and veins are filled with the soil of her soul. Join the spirit of this ancient tradition written upon your soul. Let it inscribe upon you once again in a higher octave. Find our hands reaching for you from the sands of archeology to find our face looking back at you."

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