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New Age foundations

Updated: Mar 22

When we spiritually awaken by way of medical experiences, getting a sense of mortality, as well as survival and quality of life one way or another, at least for my generation, there is the New Age movement to reckon with.

Knowing, since becoming acquainted with Lisa Renee’s ES Material, that this movement awakened humanity far too well and quick and therefore was sidetracked, by infiltration, reversals and manipulation of what in its origins are truths.

Humanity became too enlightened through the discovery of spiritual knowledge from various sources and thus by highjacking it, was used to the advantage of the controllers of the artificial matrix.

There is a whole generation that trained and became professionals in these “alternative healing” methods, and thankfully so, because it did play its role as a counterbalance to where western medicine was headed. I am convinced that a number of Starseeds using alternative healing methods, even though led partly astray, awoke enough to work with their intuitive learning and where able to grow beyond the mechanics and institutionalisation of their discipline, to what felt right to them. I see this as a kind of bridging that, in spite of everything, assisted us to continue the awakening process and every generation since was able to build on this one way or another. We might not have been going in a very straight line, but the meandering going left and right did bring us eventually forward.

New Age alternative healing has been an important solid foundation to self healing for me.

As a 31 year old woman - aside from my sensible upbringing where taking an aspirin rather than chamomile tea was a big deal - having only enjoyed a bit of shiatsu massage, intuitive massage and taking lovely saunas as a means of prevention and toning the body; the broken body I had to deal with daily was a very big shock to the system (physical as well as emotional).

In my previous blog I mentioned my reflexologist, at the time, a most lucky and precious recommendation. While recovering from the shock of having knocked on death’s door and returned from it, Ciska is the person who helped me recover and return to the world of the living while pointing in a very different direction nevertheless. I was a person in two minds at that time, I longed very strongly for that feeling of serenity and Understanding with a capital U, the epiphanies around life and afterlife and especially the very strong longing to return home wherever that was in the cosmos, just not here in this body struggling daily to regain some quality while living in this dense material world. On the other hand my compassion for C as well as my parents, especially my mother, who already lost one child at a far too young an age, drove me forward into acceptance that I had no choice but make the best of it, learn to row with the battered oars at my disposal. While in hospital my focus was 100% on survival, once home I had to come to terms with what that meant on a daily basis and had a bit of an emotional breakdown.

Now that I look back Ciska certainly has been very important in my discovery of healing and what that actually meant as well as entailed. 29 years later she is the only still practicing therapist I see monthly, I hold her very dear in my heart with deep gratitude for all she has been to me and still is.

Little did I know though, how much I was going to be guided and supported on this healing journey I was destined to travel, by ever more enlightened healers to the task. As I awakened, the knack of attracting the right assistance at the right time became ever more wondrous.

After I finally had given up the idea of returning to the classical music business, I decided my health was going to be my new job. This said, it took me many years to not feel guilty and or especially like a failure, becoming a burden through my financial dependency on my partner as we were not married then.

I developed a real taste for books that could teach me about healthy living and “Self-health-care”. I already knew enough about Hatha yoga to know what helped me to regain muscle, fitness and how to energize my body and the importance of breathing right during physical exercise. I only practiced yoga at home with a beginners book my mother had passed on to me when I moved to the Netherlands from Belgium. I knew the basics about herbal teas and how to make them and I became very interested in broadening my horizon on herbs and their usefulness in daily life/health.

In 1997 I discovered the blood type diet by Peter D’Adamo which was a very useful book to me for regaining health and understanding foods, alongside other works. The blood type diet however was of a different level altogether and has been a basic food guidance for me ever since.

These days I have a different stance about all of this, I can take what resonates and integrate it in my life as much as it makes sense and leave the rest. This was not how I was in my 30s however.

Unfortunately for the man in my life my daily focus was healthy living, regaining quality of life and unrelentingly believing in a full recovery. While it is far preferable over alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking and or becoming dependent on prescription drugs (all equally addictive), it still dictated a drastic change in lifestyle, which for someone who was very healthy (I haven’t known my ex husband getting sick very often and when he did he self-medicated with aspirin with codeine and after 3 days got on with life) must have been incomprehensible. Hence my saying unfortunately for him, because I can certainly believe this was quite a challenge considering the kind of person he is and I was before I became ill.

The other practitioner from my New Age experiences was the Chinese doctor acupuncturist Charles who also became my tai chi teacher. Tai chi turned out to be an excellent form of healing exercise for me. I still regret he moved away from the Netherlands and sadly I stopped practicing too long ago now to take it up again. We practiced the Yang long form, which is not often taught these days . Charles also introduced me to acupuncture and Chinese herbs, another totally alien thing up until then. It was a first taste of what Chinese medicine can do alongside western medicine and many years later after I moved to London, I met a one in a thousand true Chinese doctors and acupuncturist Ji Liang (from mainland China) who postponed my need for a kidney transplant by several years.

The first two long term therapists: the reflexologist & acupuncture/Chinese medicine practitioner, where my introduction to all manner of New Age therapies from orthomanual therapy, to much later osteopathy, Gyrotonic, physiotherapy, from foot correction soles to MBT shoes and I am sure I left some out. All of them where helpful for regaining quality of life as well as a kind of learning that made me who I am today.

In the late 1990s I was to meet the next crucial guidance on my journey : Tamara was a Russian healer renowned in Russia for her healing powers (among others, the politbureau establisment where guarding her very jealously) yet Tamara wasn’t in it for money or fame, but stood fully in service of others. She had started out as a Chiropractor, had retrained as a doctor in Tibetan medicine and was a very skilled medical medium. She was to me a very beautiful soul, loved simplicity, was a very serious and driven healer and yet she was kindness personified in all wisdom.

I learned about Russian discipline through her treatments and lived up to the challenge, an inevitable aspect of my character (=> serious fear of failure can be a strenuous force ! darling kidneys please forgive me).

I still have a photograph of Tamara in my therapy room. If anyone had a very profound influence on my awakening process as well as the understanding of my powers of Self healing it is this magnificent pummelling Angel from Siberia.

I can only explain how much this is true by spending some time on her, and so here goes.

C my other half, had to go to NY for a conference a few years after coming out of hospital and the people in the company asked if he would bring me too. They followed my situation and wanted to sort of include me in the special events, expecting me to return one day.

There was to be a work lunch meeting with Nina, a Russian cellist defected to the west during the NY conference week to discuss a number of grievances she had with the recording team in the company. Nina was a Sensitive, who saw auras and knew when people lied to her. My partner C asked me to also join them for lunch to make it a more genial business meeting.

I don’t remember much about the business discussion, in the end that wasn’t so important to me, but Nina became very interested in me when she heard of my health situation and how I was dealing with it at the time. She explained about the fabulous Tamara, living in Siberia at lake Baikal, and if I was interested in receiving some healing from her. Her healing qualities where such that she just would listen to my voice on the phone and make a diagnosis and do a healing from distance. Now at the time I had never even heard of such a thing, but I certainly was fascinated and open to it. You have to know she only spoke Russian which I don’t speak. She knew a few German words, but not enough for a serious conversation and certainly not a conversation about health and healing, nor did I for that matter. All my knowledge around health is mainly in English, these days even more so then in my native tongue Flemish (like Dutch).

Nina promised she would get back to me about this. She also assured me it didn’t matter what I said it was all in the tone of my voice.

At first I didn’t hear anything for a number of months, then I was contacted, Tamara was going to come to the UK for a few weeks and would I be interested to go and stay with Nina’s parents Natalie & Robert to receive treatment from her. What I didn’t know was that it took them that long to get Tamara out of Russia for a visit to the UK as the Russian government didn’t like to see her leave the country. The fact that she had a disabled son in a wheelchair staying behind (their assurance that she would return) made it possible in the end.

We had never met nor communicated in any way, but even before I arrived she had told Robert and Nathalie what she could see some crucial problems and where certain of them originated from. She was extremely excited to meet me and work with me. I heard this from Robert who came to pick me up from the station. He was totally intrigued, if a bit sceptical, so decided to check this out, by giving me the 3rd degree on our way home from the station. Tamara had described me in middle school always leaning over to the left resting my head in my left hand on my desk which caused a weakening of my whole left side of the body. I was astonished to hear this and had to admit this was correct.

My first encounter with this Siberian Angel was really very special, we liked and sensed each other instantly. Tamara couldn’t wait to start, I was as much a challenge to her as my health was to me. We embarked on a journey that day, that was so much more then the two live encounters I was privileged to have with her. It went many years beyond her grave and luckily at some point I understood that our sense of time was fundamentally different for her or me and so not to feel guilty I was holding her up in her evolving.

Natalie was to become our translator from Russian to English. I am sure the information was often censored when Natalie thought I wasn’t ready to hear certain truths.

While in England we worked for 2 very intense weeks. After scanning my body in detail, she told me to stop taking hypertension medication as this was masking a lot for her to be able to scan and treat my body. It was a scary thing to do and I didn’t manage for very long as my hypertension shot up, yet she was 100% sure this could be solved and that my kidney situation was only secondary to aspects in the blood. She practiced Rolfing, gave me the honey treatment (in spite of its name this detox treatment was a true torture to undergo), and then did a lot of energetic work on my kidneys. In spite of the fact that we had no language in common, we had great affection for one another..

In the 2nd week she focused more on the spiritual/mental. One of the things Tamara tried to teach me is how to open my third eye, she managed to make me see coloured circles moving in patterns, it wasn’t lengthy, but it gave me an idea. I never managed to repeat this on my own.

I was told I was very open to healing from distance. To prove this she told me to close my eyes and just allow whatever command she would give the body telepathically. She was standing a few feet away never touching me, yet she was somehow holding me and in control. She made me bend over backwards like a ragged doll, as if I had no skeletal structure. I am hyper mobile, certainly at that age, but this was of another level. Then she went in another room and repeated the exercise. At that time it was the most bizarre experience I had ever had. Tamara was very pleased and assured me now we could work together from distance, I had no clue what that would entail and only worried how we were going to mentally communicate considering the language barrier. She assured me that telepathically we could talk in any language I preferred, she would answer me in the same language. So I said ok, went home and forgot all about that.

As a side note, The honey detox was a very interesting treatment if drastic : Tamara used honey on my back and started pulling her hands off first slowly then in a steady rhythm, never slapping only pulling off the honey with the flat of her hands. By the end my back felt like I had a 2rd degree burn, the honey on her hands was Black, all toxins pulled out through my skin from deep in the body. I had pimples on my back as more was coming out for weeks after my return home ! It is a very painful detox but extremely effective and long working.

Once home, one day I started my usual morning yoga routine and suddenly Tamara “came in” and started a healing session, I surrendered to what was happening with eyes closed. This was the first time I experienced involuntary contractions in the solar Plexus (or Ra center as I later discovered through ES). The preclude to her coming in were these contractions. She made me roll all over the floor of the room beyond my yoga mat never touching a single piece of furniture with small pauses in between the action, also using my hands to practice all kinds of healing by slapping and tapping all over my body. For years I could only surrender to what was going on, I had a million questions in my head, why this and why that, but she only ever answered with short to the point info and very wisely as little as possible. This way my ego mind could not take over and start influencing the healing. These session could last for 3 to 5 hours of rolling and tapping, that is a very long time and a very great test of my patience and endurance. At the end of the first session like this, I was very worried at what had happened and if this was Tamara coming in or if I was seriously loosing my mind. I called Natalie in the UK and asked if she could check with Tamara if she did a healing session on the morning of such and such a day. Natalie called back passing on the message, why does Liz still have to ask, I thought she understood. She didn’t realise what a doubting Thomas I am, and at the time I had no self knowledge of this kind.

This was the start of years of collaboration and unbeknownst to me preparation for what was to come in future.

But I’ll leave that for next time.

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Totally amazed at what you’ve been through. I can’t help but feel that there’s a unique reciprocity of learning with these various practitioners. Like you fostered their growth and expansion. I have so much respect for your journey.

Dec 15, 2023
Replying to

That is a very good deduction, I have been told more then once I was an exception to either the rule : in hospital I was contradicting the norm in almost everything, hence their agonising over my diagnosis…

or so different from the average client therapists saw. I guess I was so extremely motivated to learn about my medical situation and or the discipline they practiced, they rarely had a case like me in their practice….

thank you Susan for your lovely comment. 🥰

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