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Old Friends

Today the sun came out brighter than I have seen in a very long time. While it was frigid, it was warm and welcoming as I shared a cup of coffee with one of my oldest and dearest friends. This town is filled with character, antiques, boutiques, crystals, wedding inspirations, delicious foods, and happy people.

I realize I have been cooped up inside for a few years as there was nowhere I really wanted to go. Nothing satisfied nor did it inspire. Lately I have realized that the walls have finished tumbling down exposing a new sense of wonder.

Many of us have been crossing what I call thresholds of the soul. We have been hearing the call to ourselves. A coming home if you will.

With Mothers return, also referred to as the return of Sophia, nature and her ways have been abundant. We can hear the trees, the whispers in the winds, the urge for the earth to shake beneath our feet. The animals are returning to speak to us, and walk beside us once again. As the sun emits powerful rays we are reminded of the light we hold, the light we have kept hidden in the darkness of a deep slumber.

Invite yourself out in the next few days, look around, call out to the birds and the trees. Feel how the light connects into your structure, how it vibrates your bones. We may be headed into challenging times but there is still beauty all around, even in old things.

With loving kindness,



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