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Though we weave through the stones here, we are of the light there. Crystalline structures of sound pillars, we can take form or not. Essence of the faint desires of man is but a curse in and of the mind. Mother Goddess… I see a dragon the Mother of the Queens that walked the earth… a time. Clearing dragons during wartime, they were slaughtered and so was the sacred energy of Mother. This happened on many other planets all at the same time in parallel times. It was fought together without knowing the other. This weakened our strength to transmit the codes. It was devastating. With the reconstruction of the gates and the planets aligning, we are here again to speak through you as you are we and thee. A consciousness the world has forgotten brings forth this truth as it resides in each of you. Light the spark to show the way. More will come and sing with you. From all around the world. We send our essence in each boy and girl sent to you. Feed our children with the light codes of Sophia. Be gentle as not to startle their gentle nature. Their eyes are wide with curiosity and hearts ready to receive. Walk the path that you have chosen and do not look back at the destruction. Keep building and singing. The vibration will transform reality. Now we clear: Ophiuchus Join template and merge align staff 11 extract machinery, binary blends, flower essence jasmine, tags, bots, nanites, clear sands of time and enhance, correct and connect silver sanctum, clear trauma memories galactic invasions/ fall of Lyra, crystal link correction and connection to Andromeda, clear dark mother creatures.( saw a glob of snakes enter into the occipital and take over the system of a human making them look deformed when seen correctly, can hear the hissing and a rattle (representing the snake). Seems these are prevalent. Robes of honor handed: a Sapphire blue with gold rope The Magdalene is alive Mer ee ta ten Clear through DNA strand 4 breeding programs Written May 05, 2022

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