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Strength, Beauty,Goodness

Lifting the veil of illusions has revealed the deepest of wounds in each of us. Our spirit is being tested in our unwavering waves of love and omnipresence.

How much can we each withstand while traversing the multiverses, where do the lies end, and the truth begin?

The battles waged on other planets and inter dimensions, through the multiverse and parallels, have made their way into the hearts of man.

This means the war is here now.

I can see and feel the sonic waves blasting through the atmosphere. It’s invisible to most but many can see the heat pulsing through and the illusions it brings. The radiation reaches into the soul's essence and it can twist and pull in such ways that one cannot see past their own pain. This is another level of a “smash and grabs” from these entities. It may be painful to watch as communities continue to separate and people we love are in emotional torture for seemingly no known cause.

There is a cause. The shadow/ego/personality and the pain are not cleared from all the timelines lived.

If there is one thing the fallen ones cannot stand it’s the stench of the Christ Sophia rising. The emanation of her song rings tones that shatter their bodies, and crumble their creations, like a painful dog whistle causing a screeching pain in their sensory system.

And still, we shall rise.

These are the thresholds we cross. When our loved ones, friends, and colleagues lie about us, defile our character, and accuse and slander us through nefarious acts, we move on. We do not look back because we cannot.

We are deep in the stench… keep moving forward.

As I write I can hear echoes of many of us writing and thinking in unison. We are across the planet and galaxies working in an eternal oneness. Stand strong through the love in your heart. Hear your song, un-forget what was lost.

Together we stand and are being linked to holding the new architecture. There is still building to do but the foundation is there, platforms are ready and more is being built through time.

Sophia has resurrected herself from the depths of the darkness. I am unsure how to express this with words alone. The heat ebbs and flows through our physical body as we actualize the expressions of beauty, strength, and goodness.

That which was stolen shall be returned with great reward.

Paths have been chosen and the fork in the road is here. A psychic once told one of my daughters “The devil is real” it was something that she took inside her heart, and I can still see how serious she holds that comment today. The adversarial beings come to us as friends. They are one to us as healers and helpers, and often times they come to us as the ones we hold most dear. This can be heart-wrenching but I know each of you will be held in the beauty of your heart's expression and the love you have will carry you through the darkness. You must know this.

Love is both your shield and your sword. Laughter is a weapon, use it. Be integrity, it will take you far.

Lifting the veil of illusions has revealed the deepest of wounds in each of us. Our spirit is being tested as we learn to move through our unwavering waves of love and omnipresence.

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