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The 7 Chakras and the 7 I AM's

Valentin Tomberg, mystic and author, affirms an elaborate association between the seven chakric centers and the seven “I AM” revelations of Christ Jesus, as referenced in the Gospel of John. Tomberg offers this table as a reference, corresponding to the human body as it presents itself from the top down: that is, from the crown of the head (where the eight-petalled lotus is located) through the third eye point between the eyebrows (the two-petalled lotus), then the throat, and so on:

I am the resurrection and the life the eight-petalled lotus

I am the light of the world the two-petalled lotus

I am the good shepherd the sixteen-petalled lotus

I am the bread of life the twelve-petalled lotus

I am the door the ten-petalled lotus

I am the way, the truth, and the life the six-petalled lotus

I am the true vine the four-petalled lotus

The task of this age (Kali Yuga) is to develop an especially cultivated relationship to the forces of the heart which are centered in the twelve-petalled lotus. This is especially more profound if we are able to accept that the heart is a supersensible organ capable of developing wings, not a pump as modern science would have us believe. This evolutionary development is achieved through a special capacity for aligning the heart as

the “organism of synthesis” in its highest capacity. As Tomberg’s elucidation demonstrates, it is out of this organism that the power is created to resolve all antinomies of experience at every level, this being the true peace-making power, which is based at a deeper level of consciousness, in the whole truth. Inherent in this thought, is the idea that we have a capacity for direct access to this whole truth. If we dedicate ourselves to cultivating awe, reverence, and wonder, the heart center evolves into its inherent and supreme position as the transformative power of all of the other chakra centers. The all-embracing power of love effects this transformation out of the moral impetus of "by love and for love". Tomberg calls this a Christianization of the chakra centers and from this practice there emerges an eight-petalled lotus a wisdom that is not just transcendental but also full of warmth. From the two-petalled lotus, from its natural association with intellectual initiative, the further power of a compassion-filled insight. From the sixteen-petalled lotus, a creative word that becomes, more dynamically, illumining, consoling, and healing. From the ten-petalled lotus a science develops that has become conscience. From the six-petalled lotus, health become holiness. From the four-petalled lotus, a creative force become inexhaustible creative élan. The heart center this eventually becomes is the center of consciousness, a departure from the brain/mind centered paradigm that has dominated the culture for a millennia.

During this current age it appears that the war of all against all has arrived and it is only by faith in the spiritual beings of the spiritual world and our own spiritual self development that we can ride out the ravages of the fomenting turmoil being hoisted upon humanity. The goal of the enemy is to drown out the spirit and with it, hope. The counter force is love; it is love that builds the many mansions that house the future. Every conscious free will deed of love builds these mansions in the etheric world of the future. We inherit these self created mansions of our spiritual body with moral thoughts, feelings and will offered to the Trinity and the spiritual hierarchy. These acts done with conscience will allow us to be in direct communication with the Cosmic Christ, who acts as a higher aspect of the human soul. This direct experience of meeting Christ in the etheric realm, is the 'second coming'. We can antidote the fear and terror taunting us by developing this higher development of human conscience. "The refined parts of what Rudolf Steiner calls the Consciousness Soul will become the Spiritual Soul, a type of higher ego of the physical world that will be able to speak and communicate with the individual’s Spirit Self through Manasic thinking that is also called Moral Imagination. This type of Moral Imagination is direct communication with beings who live in the realm of angels." These 7 meditations on the I AM offer a profound way to connect to and develop our connection to the higher spiritual world. Through having faith in the spiritual world, we gain the insight and wisdom that illuminates the path to fulfill the mission of human spiritual development.

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Aug 04, 2023

“If we dedicate ourselves to cultivating awe, reverence, and wonder, the heart center evolves into its inherent and supreme position as the transformative power of all of the other chakra centers.”

I love this! Lately cultivating this wonderment has been simple, like breathing. The chakra centers have transformed and I’m many roll up, curious how our light bodies continue to change as we awaken into our hearts.

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