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The Armor of Angels

Being Pulled Across the Threshold During The Second Coming

The overarching mood of this day and age is the overwhelming experience of witnessing evil and feeling impotent to counteract it. This can eviscerate a sense of self as it unwittingly pulls us across the threshold from the physical world into the spiritual world. Having faith during this period is absolutely essential. The sole answer is understanding that Christ has and will overcome evil. As formidable as the evil beings are, Christ is infinitely more powerful. Putting on this faith is the armor of God that cannot be penetrated. Wearing the armor of angels is a personal choice and each person chooses for themselves.

Being drug across the threshold is a fracturing event. It is a terrifying process of self-realization. The process pulls apart the three components of the soul: thinking, feeling and willing. This process can be very destabilizing and confusing. We are faced with the shades of self that are not yet transformed by love. Must learn to tell the truth about ourselves to ourselves. It challenges one’s ability to befriend self to see parts of self that are not very becoming or lovable. We are faced with this question: can I tell the whole truth about myself to myself? As we to cross the threshold with these parts of still unclaimed, we are kicked out and rejected, told we need to face fear, doubt and hatred for myself before being allowed entry. This is initiation or what is called the etherization of the blood by Rudolf Steiner. We are being personally initiated directly by Christ.

The wild parts of ourselves are those pieces left somewhere along the way which have lost their incorporation into the relationship to the great Breath. Sin is a turning away from the rhythm with the Divine. In Aramaic, sin does not have a moralistic overtone, rather it means a break in the connection to the great Unifying Breath. The image of self that we have as we are crossing the threshold is that which is needed to be overcome. (Can I gaze at myself in this way? Can I really see my iniquities and not look away? Can I see myself through the eyes of Christ and move into compassion?) Can I look upon my sheath nature and call it what it is: my golden calf personality which is represented by all the bells and whistles I have dressed up in and identify with as me? We must be an empty vessel – to become the emptiness of the emptiness. The emptiness is not empty though, rather it is a fulness, in Classical Greek this is called the Pleroma. This empty vessel allows Christ a space to enter. Silencing selfishness is the path towards this allowance. The activity in this emptiness is the very opposite of a void. It is a living realm of spiritual beings and their corresponding sphere of activity.

The Christ will become a living comforter to humans in the second coming period. This is the greatest mystery of our time. We must learn to aim our gaze at the spiritualized fire, the Christ light. This is the second coming of Christ. There will not be one big event – it is an etheric approach that manifests individually. Christ comes “in the clouds”- it is a recapitulation of the first coming in the physical. Christ will not come again in a physical body. We are told He will come again in a higher dimension and those with the eyes to see, will see.

This initiation is inviting us to refocus our deaf, dumb and blind nature on the true, beautiful and the good. Entering the spiritual world is terrifying and turns us inside out. We come face to face with our parts needing integration and are called to purify. Taking our human form and reorienting it as we go through the process of initiation towards the Christ, we are answered by grace.

Artist: Arild Rosenkranz

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