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The Spiritual Knights of Sophia

Updated: May 16, 2023

The face of the immutable heralds an invincible edifice over the deep regions of soul, nourishing the cultivation of the deepest region of inner earth: it is from here, She rises. -Stefanie Bennett

Modern times are burdened with the task of facing a deepening incarnation of evil while at the same time the etheric Christ descends towards us through Sophia. Sophia’s motto is omnia conjugo: I unite all. Christ, too, unites all. They are inseparable. In the writings of Eastern Christianity, Sophia is it’s ‘soul’ and Christ is its ‘spirit’. These two spiritual beings determine the whole of creation. They are mutually interdependent and simultaneously coexist in eternity and in time. Sophia is the ground of knowing and through Her, the servant of all, creation finds fruition. Christ is the meaning of the earth. The mission of evil could be said to call forth the good and in this sense, many are called to what could be called “spiritual knighthood”. Valentin Tomberg speaks to this in Inner Development. He speaks of two streams coming together in this age to form this community of knights:

The men and women of Sophia, of revelation, will walk the path together with the men and women of knowledge….They will have to guard the secrets of the spiritual world. In this community, guardianship will involve neither keeping silent nor revealing anything. Instead, it will mean that a living rampart or wall will be erected-consisting of steadfast human forms, who will stand as a vertical connecting link between the spiritual and physical worlds. On the one side, they will open the gates to the authorized; on the other they will close them to the unauthorized. This community of knights-the future community of knights of the threshold-will be fully realized only in the sixth [next] epoch.

This next cultural epoch is to emerge from Russia. Valentin Tomberg is part of the great Russian Sophiological tradition, which has been called the 20th century’s most paramount theological contribution is largely unknown in the West. The Eastern Orthodox tradition is a well spring of mystical wisdom on her nature role in world evolution. Sophiology is highlighted in the works of Solovyov, Bulgakov, and Florensky. The body of their collective work speaks of Sophia in a profound way, pointing to the culture of the future as one of peace and brotherly/sisterly love, and serves to set our goals and chart our course for what we face and what is to come.

Sophia is descending and making Her approach toward the Earth. Daniel Andreev, the great prophet of the coming age of Sophia and corresponding culture, which he calls the Rose of the World says,

“By warning of the coming Antichrist, and pointing him out and unmasking him when he appears, by cultivating unshakable faith within human hearts and a grasp of the metahistorical perspectives and the global spiritual prospects within human minds….we help Sophia bring to birth the new culture of love and wisdom. Feminine power and its role in contemporary life are increasing everywhere….We are entering an age when the female soul will become purer and broader, when an ever-greater number of women will become profound inspirers, sensitive mothers, wise counselors and far-sighted leaders. It will be an age when the feminine in humanity will manifest itself with unprecedented strength, striking a perfect balance with masculine impulses. See, you who have eyes.”

Daniel Andreev, The Rose of the World. Urania, Moscow, 1996: Lindisfarne Books.

Valentin Tomberg, Inner Development, 7 lectures. Rotterdam, August 15-22, 1938, Hudson, NY: Anthroposophical Press.

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I love the concept of Sophia as the soul and Christ as the Spirit. Yes, the two are inseparable and yet in this world of artificials and reversals, it’s been separated. Perhaps the trans agenda and the growing insane behaviors amongst the “male-female” is a manifestation of the extreme consciousness this separation has caused. Anyway, thank you for sharing.

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