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Through The Eyes Of The Polarian Self

A simple session on 11/01/2022

Opening into the multiverse through Mother's breath and held through portal systems creating a cloaking that strengthens the work established, we are greeted by our Polarian aspects. Hues of Amethyst and lavender fill our surroundings.

Sacred geometries open into 12 D earth and we witness the following.

AI mind control system programs still running which is still causing an increase in confusion and miasmas. The human experience is clouded, as the 3D mind cannot connect to correct the miasma.

Return of Cosmic Mother is still creating a foundation free of mind control.

There is a knotted plan in time to re-enslave humanity. We witnessed histories of humanity's falls and the Multidimensional War.

Mining of the soul's essence was discovered, and we look to see the silver cord being harvested.

The opening into the new dark matter is the creation wherein the richness of the earth comes alive.

The creation is endless here as we connect into and then anchor through the dimensions of precious embodiments of new earth elements.

We call upon the Thrones as well as the Kyriotetes,to through their gifts upon humanity we see that genes are connected to elements.

Clear, connect, anchor.

It is with great gratitude and love we are one with the mother and father gifting us with the knowing and expressions of love.

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Apr 19, 2023

Hi Chastity, this post from January 2022 resonates very much with work done over the last year or so, in various ways. Polaris brought coding for a new template which was activated in that time. I have been feeling great support coming from Polaris in unison with other and on its own. Their new template which works with rainbow & gold colours as well as the various Dan tien centres in the body is all about connection and balance. At least that is how I experienced it.

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