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Truest Nature

Updated: Feb 2

When my inner sea is calm, I am at my truest nature :

I feel free to love with open heart,

compassionate to those in need of my belief in them

Trusting and nurturing, I share my inner peace

And so, I expand my oasis, inner and outer,

of deep tranquility, profound serenity

Joy, Omni-love, peace, harmony, unity-consciousness

And quietude

And so it is.


Image by Susan Oros, published on FB.

footnote :

I wrote this last night, this morning I decided to share this here and thought of what image would go with it. I first thought of a different image, the heart Susan made. While looking for it on FB, I came across a post with the above image of august 2022 and after re-reading the info, decided this is the one for my sentiments. (FB post of August 2022, well worth reading, I have been living in abundance ever since). Funnily, August is my birth month…

The Heart Susan made, would certainly have resonated with the above too. (her cover image on FB until recently, for anyone interested : post of April 10th 2022).

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Thank you. Sacred words of Omni love. 💓🙏🏼

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