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Secret Mission

A message from the angelic sphere as given to Stefanie Bennett

Artist: Arild Rosenkrantz

There is no reason to fear. Know your frequency needs to remain in a certain stratosphere. Be with us. Let us comfort and guide you. The telios is juncture with your best self. Peace is the outcome. Forget all the voices. Lift yourself above the friction of the noise....these are false leaders. Look to the ones you know with passion of the Christ. These humbled servants are where to focus. Lend a hand to these causes. Bypass corruption. We will rise from the fields following Ester's example. She is a Shepard of the soul. There is a cacophony of beauty and awesomeness displayed in living examples that should be overplayed into your lives. Daniel, Job, Ester, Moses, Paul. Let these be your examples of overlay. John gives you a map to follow. Genesis teaches of your origin of holy empire. The holy Roman Empire was a usurpation of the Christ deed. They had an agreement with "Israel" to put an end to the real throne of God. They would not be challenged then or now. They created the cave system to hide the depth of their relationship so as to not alarm the people. They needed a blind deaf and mute populous to create the veils and to execute their plan. Religion isn't in any way a vessel of the living God - it is a weapon used to the usher in the demise of the human race. The Caesars were the first embodiment of the anti-God regime in an effort to control the narrative. Conquering lands was the tool of the day. The Holy Roman Empire met with the other empire of the anti-Christ through the was a clash of demonic empires. There is a culmination of these forces in Sorat...this entity commands control of the entire globe. He wants all of humanity to fall at his decrepit feet and worship him as he steals the throne of Almighty God. He brings with him an army...the asuras. These are the enemy of the people: Obama’s army. Obama is a constructed tool - a vessel made to house the main general of the AC. He is a weapon of mass destruction. He is a morally bankrupt human....completely operated by Satan. He has a main role to ushering in the AC. There are others. Solan...? Their mission is resolute but is finding challenges they did not foresee. God continues to intercede in ways they have not done predictive programming for. There are ways to counteract these wave forms. Chant in a rhythm and tone that deeply affects you. Imagine a beautiful existence. Practice the faith of moving mountains. Recite the Lord’s Prayer. Recite the Mothers Prayer. Hold zero point/objectivity/throne room frequency. Intentionalize God infused existence...connection of knowing our true Self bonded with God conscious. Sacrifice something to this Presence....something not serving you/You. The Almighty presence of the Living God moves closer to you as you approach. Peace is a living force of the Lord's kingdom we are meant to know. The powers that built Roma were dark, enslaving people to engage in barbarian sacrifices of blood offering in order to fuel the agenda of building out of the power of killing the Lion of Judah. They literally utilized the death of Christ to empower their lust for control and power over the populous hence the enormous expansion of empire.

Their lust endangered the Holy Family and loved ones and they all had to escape the grip of influence. Secrets were escaped from these lands and taken elsewhere. Only the Holy parties were tasked with this measure of protection. Trust was crucial and made by energetic imprints of the Christ experience. Only those who received the impulse were invited into the continuation of the Lord God's task to veil the mysteries until the time He delineates as sacred. They followed the lay of the stars to know where to place the particular sacred objects. This was a top-secret mission. The most vital and guarded of the day. Christ gave specific instructions before His crucifixion as a way of protecting the Christ infused objects which protect humanity and act as vessels of His forces upon the earth. Certain leylines were chosen that are powerful and that intersect with each other for maximum effectiveness. France: love... Ethiopia: devout faith... Greece: wisdom.

Holy relics. Holy scrolls. Holy mysteries. A triumpher arc vortex set to be empowered by the second coming of Christos Sophia. This event is going to overwhelm the dark sides attempt to overthrow God. This is one thing they do not know of or understand and cannot prepare a weapon for. A home for trinity to embody on earth. The opening of the seals lead to this event. The elect will explain it. It is not available to all. It is accessed through frequency and resonance. Bioenergetics of being a receptor for Christos Sophia returning. This is the sound ether and life ether meeting and knowing each other. This is a moment of orgasm...moment of conception...a procession of one coming from the other of sorts. Time doesn't really apply in this eternal moment of infinity encapsulated. The moment of conception, the moment of birth, the moment of first breath are the trinity of Life. Loves presence is a salve to this process but not necessary to bring in the elevated souls. The effort they have laid at the feet of certain agendas were wolves in sheep's clothing.

Timelines are meant to merge and find resolution just as in music. They are destined to meet in a singularity. The many to one in its most pure form. All things lead to God who is a Unity. The man made saying from many one is an abusive hijack of this beautiful sentiment of peaceful humanity. There is an agenda to ride this energetic wave of grand good and to hijack it...bringing the fooled along this looshing platform. There is not one way of life they have not thought of to weaponize. Our consciousness is the most powerful and ennobled potency we have. God gave us this protection device and it is far more powerful than we know. Learn to utilize it from within crystalline ladders of your consciousness. We must each climb Jacob's ladder. The transmissions the Bible gives us are living forces to enable our flight of ascension. We must become the hero we seek…we must embody Christ to win the challenge of evil. We transmute it to its ascension of resurrection through Christ's love, forgiveness and, mercy. Through Him, we rise as do the fallen ones. God's kingdom regains wholeness and is restored through us, his children. New Jerusalem is His Kingdom of believers in the Messiah built through the lines of the 12 tribes who knew He was coming to be an agent of Salvation. This line was purified to be able to receive His spirit in a body that could manifest such a spirit. This is the message of them being the chosen people: they were the chosen line to be able to incarnate God. This was their act of valence. Their rejection of Him was an infection of parasitic entities sent to attack the validity of the power of God. Roma was sent to attack the presence and validity of God.

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